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A sensory experience, a game of taste, to let oneself totally go into temptation to the capital sin of gluttony. Two variants with lemon and coconut, and salted caramel. Which one represents you the most? 

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Dream with us. A game of flavors and smells, the perfect association between sweet and salty.


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lemons -of -sorrento

Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet: From the field to the table.

The zero kilometer for Nino and Friends. In June, the month dedicated to celebrating the environment, we decided to present our range product, the Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet, which most represents us. With a taste of our Limoncello we want to take you to discover our land ...


Our news: Le Ruèt

The Ruèt Nino and Friends are happy to present you ... The new chocolate specialties. The idea was born from a familiar moment, from a little nostalgic emotion, from ...


Our excellences, the Foyaten!

The idea was born from a familiar moment, from a faint and even a little nostalgic emotion, from the children of Nino and Friends, bearers of passion and innovation, supporting the traditions of the family.

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