Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet: From the land to the table.

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The Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet.

Nino and Friends: KM 0. 

In June, the month dedicated to celebrating the environment, we decided to present our range of products, the Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet, which most represents us.

With a taste of our Limoncello we want to take you to discover our land … Today we are in Sorrento, and  the first light of dawn gently crosses the chestnut pergolas, where the lemon trees rise, which with their intense yellow color are a hymn to life … as the poet,   used to say:

“Among the trees of a courtyard the lemons show themselves yellow, and the chill of the heart melts away”.

And it is with this heart that Giuseppe, his son Salvatore and the workers head towards the wonderful Limoneto, welcomed by an intoxicating scent that envelops the thoughts and mind.


The Limoneto Pollio. 

The harvest is done strictly by hand so that the fruit does not touch the ground … the scent released by the lemons during cultivation is amazing. Watching them work is amazing, there is an atmosphere of family, of passion for the work that takes place …

The Limoneto Pollio, despite its extension of about 5 hectares and 2000 lemon trees, has never yielded an industrial production. Lemons are still grown today with the traditional methods of “come una volta”. And this is the reason why Nino and Friends chose, and still choose today, Giuseppe as the only supplier of Limoni. Giuseppe has invested all his energies in his Limoneto, making his passion his success, and there is no greater emotion than seeing the same light in the eyes of his son, who has decided to continue the family tradition and also dedicate himself to artisanal cultivation, which only follows the rules of nature.

The lemons are grown under pergolas, supported by chestnut wood poles fixed in the ground, covered in the past by woven straw mats, known in the jargon as “pagliarelle”, today sheets are used, to protect the plants from atmospheric agents adverse but without giving up the heat of the sun and water giving light to a multiple flowering, and a harvest that lasts from January to October.

The Limoneto Pollio is located a few kilometers from the historic center of Sorrento, on the hills of the Sorrento Coast, famous for its properties linked to volcanic soils. The entire city of Sorrento stands on the volcanic stone of the tuff. After the eruptions of the volcanic area of ​​Vesuvius, first, the Etruscans and then the Romans discovered the enormous properties of the famous volcanic stone, the tuff of Sorrento.

limoni -di -sorrento

The volcanic stones. The tuff of Sorrento.

The tuff allows the cultivation of plants, which stand on these lands, characterized by organoleptic properties which, mixed with a Mediterranean climate, make Sorrento lemons special. The Limoneto Pollio, located on these lands, and preserving the production and cultivation of artisanal lemons, gives life to lemon trees with a very acidic juice and a particularly fragrant rind due to the high concentration of essential oils. Volcanic stones, and in particular the tuff of Sorrento, are rich in mineral salts, consequently, the roots of plants take minerals from the soil around them constantly, growing healthier, but above all more resistant to natural parasites, without needing common fertilizers, this helps Giuseppe in the production, which takes place without the use of any pesticide.

Thanks to the mineral salts of the soil, the lemons of the Limoneto Pollio retain all the nutritional properties, the lemons with their intense aroma and color, allowing us to produce the Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet, also special thanks to a studied choice of raw material, which can be defined at kilometer 0. Finally, the secret of our only supplier, Giuseppe, is given by cultivation that takes place at the first light of dawn, supporting the photosynthesis process of the fruits. Once the harvest is finished, all together we go to the table set by his wife, woman, and rock of the house, Rita, who welcomes everyone with a scent of coffee, which mixed with that of lemons awakens everyone’s minds. We joke and laugh altogether, regained energy, and we start delivering the freshly picked lemons.

Giuseppe delivers the lemons to our laboratory, approximately 2-3 hours after harvest, to allow us to process the fruit still rich in all its nutritional properties and essential oils. This characteristic distinguishes the “feminello” lemon.  The Nino and Friends in collaboration with Limoneto Pollio, has never compromised, if not with the rules of nature. From cultivation to production, the whole process is handcrafted, following our Sorrento tradition, which sees the lemon harvesting done in the early hours of the morning, and peeling starting in the following hours, to respect the rules of kilometer 0, but above all to give you all a unique and special product of its kind.

The lemon peeling. 


It is now 8.30 in the morning when the doors of the Limonoro laboratory are invaded by the strong scent of freshly arrived lemons. The collaborators with determination and love initiate one of the most beautiful processes, peeling by hand. The lemons are strictly peeled by hand individually following the traditional method, without the support of machinery.

This is where our limoncello production process begins, following it is enchanting, you can see the transformation from the raw material to the final product, and the result is entrancing. During the peeling process, the scent of freshly picked lemons is so strong and intense, that it invades the entire laboratory, leaving all who participate in it enchanted. As soon as the peeling is finished, the lemon peels, still rich in all their properties, essential oils, and mineral salts are immersed for about 7 days in our secret formula, a 98% pure alcohol, so the mixture acquires all the properties of lemons just picked, a characteristic note of our Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet.


And here it is … the Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet, from the field to the table, the entire production of the product takes place strictly in the Sorrento, out of love for our land, and to pursue what we believe so much in the zero kilometers. Today we introduced you to one of our most trusted suppliers, Giuseppe Pollio, who, together with his son Salvatore, follows the cultivation and harvesting of lemons, just as they once were. Listening to Giuseppe, telling the process of cultivation and harvesting, makes one perceive the passion and love that he puts into his work every day.

Nino and Friends want to preserve this passion and pass it on to new generations; by now, we no longer dwell on details, we live in a fast world, where everything is consumed, and we as a company, with our suppliers, our collaborators, have decided to pay attention to the details, to link our production to the laws of nature, to the flowering of lemons, to have patience, to take care of nature, not to sacrifice the product, not to sacrifice our passion, but above all to honor the land where we grew up.

Our secret? Tradition, culture and … kilometer 0.

The Sorrento lemon characterizes the many recipes of the fascinating world of the Mediterranean diet, rich in vitamin C, it has antioxidant, purifying, and digestive properties.

At Nino and Friends, we try to make the best use of it for the artisanal production of our Limoncello, and countless lemon-based specialties.


With lemons from Giuseppe Pollio’s Limoneto, the company produces the Limoncello Limonoro Gourmet as its main product, the ideal end of a meal, to end a dinner with friends or family, it will give you a fresh and sparkling note, the Lemon Cream, a tantalizing variant of limoncello, a velvety cream that as soon as poured will release an intense aroma of our beloved Sorrento citrus fruits. These are the two products most appreciated by our most loyal customers.

Over the years our pastry chefs have also given life to other excellences, you can find some below, if you haven’t tried them yet … well do it, nor will it be worth it.

  • Lemon biscuits, biscuits filled with a soft lemon-flavored cream, perfect for dessert lovers. The lemon cream will give you an explosion of pleasure at the first bite.
  • Lemon marmalade, intense aromas, Jam-free and fragrances, the color of the natural fruit. Jam-free of any kind of preservatives, dyes, correctors, and, thickeners.
  • Lemon honey, with a strong citrus flavor. This type of product is often recommended to have benefits on the body.
  • Limoncello dragee, an exciting and soft chocolate excitingsparklingexciting sparkling and soft chocolate with a limoncello soul. An excellent combination that brings to mind the intoxicating scent of our land.
  • Limoncello drops, sparkling limoncello-flavored candies, melt in the mouth, a sparkle.

We hope to have told you a little more about our company, our philosophy, and, our method, soon there will be the Nino and Friends recipe book available online, where we will tell you and share with you all our recipes to make in the kitchen with our products, and, among the first, there will be the zero product … lemons!

See you next, guys! Stay tuned!

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