Our excellences, Foyaten!

We present you, our excellences, Foyaten!

Our amazing hazelnut and pistachio pralines…

This year, your holiday destination will be Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, as soon as you arrive in Sorrento, a characteristic town on the coast of the Gulf of Naples,  after a few hours spent at the beach, take a pleasant walk in the historic center of our amazing town. You are walking through the historic alleys of Sorrento, the scent of lemons accompanies you in every step, and in every corner, you can observe the excellence of Sorrento, shops with typical products that inebriate you with their scents and colors. Between the scenes of daily life, your curiosity is tickled by a fantastic fountain, and you realize that it is a chocolate fountain. Looking up, you realize you’ve found us. You have found our store, Nino and Friends.

Decide to enter, take the first step, and be enchanted by the atmosphere that is inside.

Our amazing staff welcomes you at Nino and Friends, inviting you to taste our specialty, the Foyaten pralines.

Foyaten are sensational pralines at pistachio or hazelnuts flavour, covered by milk chocolate.

You taste it. 

The fragrance of the almond that crunches at the first bite, the explosion of flavor of the artisanal pistachio cream, the crunchiness of the coated biscuit in flakes. The combination of flavors spreads through the taste buds.

Do you think it is not possible to caress the sky with a bite?

From the union of the genuine traditions and innovation of our pastry chefs, the Foyaten are born, tasty and genuine pralines as handed down to us by our grandparents, who have passionately transmitted these recipes to the present day. With the Foyaten, the multi-aroma pralines by Nino and Friends, available with a pistachio, hazelnut, milk chocolate filling flavor, it’s like taking a dip in the past, with a firm eye on the future, thanks to the flavors that characterize ours. land always with innovation and research of new taste combinations.

Where can you find our speciality?

You can find our Foyaten in all our stores in Italy or in our shop online.

We are waiting for you!

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